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Now enrolling for our infant, toddler and preschool programs!


Agape Children’s Center is always enrolling for ages infant through Pre-K. Our process is that once we have completed your tour, received the required forms and 50.00 registration fee, we will then communicate a start date. If there is a waiting list for an age group, we will communicate that at the time of your tour. We begin summer camp enrollment in April of each year for children who have completed Kindergarten through age ten.

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Enrollment Inquiry

Thanks for submitting!  One of our staff will contact you within 24 hours.  You can also call our office anytime: 513-674-2323

Online Forms / Resources

Online Printable

Click on these Form titles to download:

Well Physical Form (needed within the child's first 30 days of enrollment and updated every 13 months)

Administration of Medication Form (needed for ANY topical, nonprescription or prescription medications)


Medical Care Plan (needed for any medical procedure that we may have to perform or have knowledge of ie: inhalers, epi pens, febrile seizures etc)


Special Diet Form (needed if your child has an allergy that omits an entire food group)


Request for Milk Substitution Form (needed if your child is to receive anything other than cows milk or soy milk). Notation: Agape will provide Vitamin D milk for children 1yr-2yrs of age, Fat Free milk for children older than 2yrs and will also supply Silk soy milk if there is an intolerance or allergy. Anything outside of these offerings will need a doctor's note in addition to the milk substitution form.

Downloadable Forms

Save to computer
and print 

Click on these Form titles to download:

CACFP Enrollment Form

Tuition Express Enrollment Form (needed for tuition payment auto withdrawal)

CACFP Infant Meal Parent Preference (needed for children birth-12months)


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